Guinness celebrate re-opening of Irish pubs with the help of Hollywood star

Guinness celebrate re-opening of Irish pubs with the help of Hollywood star

Guinness has marked the re-opening of Irish pubs by releasing a new advert which features Hollywood star Barry Keoghan.

Following various stages of lockdown and social restrictions throughout the covid-19 pandemic, pubs across Ireland re-opened their doors to the public on 7th June 2021.

To celebrate the occasion, Guinness created an advert that highlights the social benefits of being allowed to mix with friends and family once again.

They enlisted the help of Irish actor Barry Keoghan, who is making his own mark in Hollywood after starring in the latest Marvel blockbuster The Eternals.

The short video sees Keoghan sitting in a pub and speaking directly to the camera.

He opens up by saying: “Ah the pub, it’s been a while!”

The video then cuts to various pub doors being opened and facemask-wearing groups heading inside for a drink and a catch-up.

Keoghan continues: “Doors finally opening one by one. We all deserve this. Every catch up with old friends, every smile across the bar, every ice breaker, every ‘gee, I’ve missed this.’”

It is a sentiment that will be felt by the majority of people both in Ireland and beyond as the covid restrictions have stopped friends and families seeing each other for several months and even longer.

The visit to the pub is one of the simple pleasures that we may all have taken for granted not so long ago, but only realise how special it is once it has been taken away.

The Guinness advert recognises this fact, and with the help of Keoghan it sends the message to enjoy the new freedoms, but to also work together to ensure they are not lost again.

In a hint to patrons to adhere to the necessary safety restrictions such as sanitizing hands, keeping social distancing, and not mixing in too large groups, Keoghan says directly to the camera: “We’ve all got skin in the game, we have our pubs back, so let’s make it last.”

The advert was shot at the Duke of York pub in Belfast and is part of the Guinness ‘Every Moment Counts’ campaign, which aims to promote safe practices in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.

Guinness has pledged to support the pub industry and wishes to encourage both staff and customers to enjoy their times in the pub sensibly.

Alexa Wolff, Guinness marketing manager said: “The ‘Every Moment Counts’ campaign is aiming to support the industry by building awareness of positive and safe socialising so that pubs can remain open for everyone to enjoy this summer and beyond.”

Guinness is renowned for its emotional and sentimental advertising and this particular film will resonate with people after the difficult times we have had.

Take a look at the advert below.