Guest sends spoon back to hotel with delightful poem

Guests sends spoon back to hotel with delightful poem. Photo from Wexford People

A hotel in Wexford got a brilliant review from one of its guests in the form of a poem sent through the post along with one of their spoons that had accidentally been taken.

Catherine Leggett enjoyed a pleasant stay in the Talbot Hotel Wexford before returning home to Cork.

Guests sends spoon back to hotel with delightful poem. Photo from Wexford People

Once she had got home, she discovered she had accidentally packed on of the hotel’s teaspoons into her washbag.

Being an honest woman, Catherine decided she must return the teaspoon to its rightful owners and sent it back to Wexford in the post.

The hotel staff were shocked when they read the accompanying letter, which was a charming poem stating Catherine’s apology for talking the spoon and also heaping praise on the hotel staff for making her stay so enjoyable.

Spoon and poem returned to hotel

Here is the poem in full:

Please Mr Talbot – do not be upset
I always try to do my best – but sometimes I forget
My Mam and I stayed up with you – the first week of September
A lovely room, twas 101, I’m sure you will remember.

She takes a cup of Barry’s Tea – morning, night and noon
And somehow in the jollyment – we came home with a spoon
She always makes me wash up – and never leave a mess
But how the spoon got in my washbag – I can hardly guess.

I hope you’ve not been searching for it – morning, noon and night
I hope nobody lost their job – now that would be a fright
I hope you’ve not been scouring under beds – upon yere knees
Or behind sofa cushions – the place for coins and keys.

Please Mr Talbot – it was a mistake
And if you let us stay again – tis one we’ll not re-make
You have a lovely place up there – your staff are awful friendly
Please say Hi to Amy, Jim, – to Bridget, Lyn and Henry.

– And to the nice girls at the desk – they helped in every way
– And the lady up in sales who makes our ‘thought for the day’
The Chef and staff in Ballast bar – are a credit to the team
And the Hygiene staff and Restaurant folk were kind and calm and keen.

Thank-you Mister Talbot – your Wexford place is Great
You’ll be glad to have your teaspoon back – I’m sorry that it’s late!

Catherine told “I never thought it would draw so much attention. I love writing rhymes so I thought I would have a bit of fun and write this to send back with the spoon. We had such a wonderful time in the Talbot, everyone was so helpful.”

The hotel staff were so pleased they intend to have the letter framed and hung in the lobby. They have invited Catherine to return to hotel for afternoon tea when she is next in Wexford.

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