Irish groom sings TV theme tune during wedding speech

Irish groom sings TV theme tune during wedding speech

An Irish groom rounded off the wedding speeches in the perfect manner with the theme song to Australian soap Home and Away.

Louth man Conor Nixon celebrated tying the knot with his wife Michelle by standing up in front of all his friends and family and belting out the popular love song.

Irish groom sings TV theme tune during wedding speech

Although it might sound a bit cheesy, the lyrics of the song are full of emotion as the singer declares his feelings to his loved one. It is the perfect romantic song for a wedding, with lyrics like ‘I’m walking on air, just to know you are there’.

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The song is so well known that all the guests at the wedding soon joined in and before long, Conor was playing the crowd like an old veteran performer, taking it in turns to sing one line himself and then encourage them to sing the next.

The video has been a big hit online, with many Irish media outlets featuring the story. Singing wedding speeches have become frequent in the past few years, particularly with the opportunity to have it seen by thousands of people online.

Some have been better than others, but there is no doubt that Connor did a great job, and also gains extra marks for managing to embed a soap theme tune into his wedding.

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