Great videos of Irish and Swedish fans bonding at the Euros

irish and Swedish fans enjoy carnival atmosphere at Euro 2016

Every time Ireland qualify for a major soccer tournament the Irish fans manage to charm the rest of Europe – or the world – with their fun loving attitude.
This year is no different with Euro 2016 underway in France, Irish fans have been mingling with Swedish supporters and French locals.

Ireland and Sweden were rivals on the pitch earlier this week as they played out a 1-1 draw but the fans of both teams were having a great time together on the streets of France enjoying the carnival atmosphere.
irish and Swedish fans enjoy carnival atmosphere at Euro 2016
This great video shows an Ireland fan and a Sweden fan having bit of a dance off – after an unusual opening to a dance routine.
The pair took on the roles of a bull and a matador with the Swedish fan wearing a horned Viking helmet taking on the part of the bull. He charged at the Ireland fan who was using an Irish flag in the place of a more traditional matador’s red cloth.
The two danced around in between charges and eventually it turned into a dance off.
Take a look at the video below.

The Irish have also shown an appreciation for Sweden’s most famous musical exports – Abba.
Here the Irish and Swedish fans join together for a sing-along of Abba’s classic ‘Thank You For the Music’.

These Irish and Swedish fans belted out a rendition of ‘Dancing Queen’

It seems there has developed such a love-in between Irish and Swedish fans that they can’t bear to be away from each other.

Just as well the game finished in a 1-1 draw, looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.