Great video explaining history of conflicts in Northern Ireland

Great video explaining history of conflicts in Northern Ireland

Irish teacher Paul Ruddy has added to his brilliant collection of YouTube videos with A Brief History of the Conflicts in the North (of Ireland).

The 10 minute film is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting a brief overview of the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Great video explaining history of conflicts in Northern Ireland

Ruddy has created several YouTube videos explaining key events in history including World War One, the Napoleonic Wars and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

All of the videos are narrated and illustrated brilliantly, with cartoon character Manny Mann playing the role of all the leading figures.

The video covering the conflicts in Northern Ireland is just as impressive and informative as the others.

Ruddy breaks down the key aspects of Irish history to tell the viewer in simple terms how the country got to the point of the Troubles in the 1970s.

He then explains the positions of all sides involved in the conflict, and remains impartial. Rather than taking a side the video focuses on delivering the facts in a short and easy way.

It is a superb breakdown of the history of Northern Ireland for anyone who wants the main points without all the details.

Take a look below, but be warned, the narration is short and snappy so you better be listening.

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