Graphic novel about Bobby Sands draws criticism from various groups

Michael Kehoe

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4 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    For myself in America it could be a good resource for information on Bobby Sands’ life story. Most Americans are unaware of the Irish struggle. I’m sorry that it upsets the Sands family though.

  2. Michael Kehoe says:

    Thanks Brian. I have added a link to the Belfast Telegraph who have published a few pages of the graphic novel.

  3. Valentine Trodd says:

    There are those among us who consider the troubles in Northern Ireland a continuation of the 1916 struggle to obtain a United Ireland. Bobby Sands and the other hunger strikers who died are not terrorists, but patriots.
    If we study past history in Northern Ireland it would be easy to understand the Unionist viewpoint as that of a society very much responsible for a lot of the conflict. Respect Bobby Sands MP, he was a very brave individual, congratulations to O’Brien Press, I look forward to reading the book!

  4. Brian says:

    How about a link to a few images so we can judge for ourselves instead of making us do a google search! You always forget stuff like that!

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