Granny finds her own wedding dress for sale in charity shop 36 years later

Granny finds her own wedding dress for sale in charity shop 36 years later

A grandmother got the surprise of her life whilst browsing in a charity shop when she saw a mannequin modelling the wedding dress she had worn herself at her own wedding 36 years earlier.

The beautiful white dress was for sale for just £20 (€22), and Linda Jackson couldn’t resist buying back the dress that she worn all the way back in 1982.

Granny finds her own wedding dress for sale in charity shop 36 years later

She told the Inverness Courier: “When I saw it on the model in the shop I recognised it immediately. You don’t forget your wedding dress.”

The unexpected find took place in Linda’s home town of Inverness, Scotland when she was shopping in the Forces Support charity shop. Back in 1982 she bought the dress for £75 for her big day when she married her husband Marcus.

After the wedding she sold the dress as was commonplace in the ’80s, as few young couples could afford to buy everything brand new for their big day.

Linda said the dress was as pure and white now as the day she first wore it, and she plans to pass it down to her daughter Heather when her wedding day comes around.

Linda said: “I actually couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the shop.

“It does sell second-hand wedding dresses from time to time but I never in a million years expected to see mine.

“I knew it was mine straight away because I had cut the labels and added an extra hook at the back.

“My daughter has the veil and now she has the dress. She is actually the same size as I was back then and she is in a serious relationship. She said she would customise it.”

“It’s still really white. Someone has looked after it very well. I would just love to know where it has been all these years.”

The manager of the charity shop Donna Forbes was equally stunned by the unlikely coincidence.

She said: “That’s absolutely amazing. It’s fabulous to hear that things can come back round again, especially after so many years.”

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