Irish grandad will capture your heart as he sings during his covid vaccination

John Hegarty sings during covid vaccine

An Irish grandfather has captured the hearts of thousands after he started singing a classic folk tune whilst receiving his covid vaccine.

It is not unusual for people to look away, talk non-stop or even close their eyes when being given an injection by a doctor.

Plenty of patients are squeamish about needles and will do whatever they can to distract themselves as the needle pierces the skin.

However, John Hegarty was more than relaxed as he was given his vaccine at the Glenties Primary Care Clinic in Co Donegal.

The 102-year-old raised the spirits of everybody by performing a beautiful rendition of the Irish folk song The Wild Rover.

It is one of the most famous traditional Irish ballads and has been performed by countless musicians and singers.

The incident was recorded and the video was posted onto Facebook by Glenties Community Development Group.

The video was accompanied by the caption: “Wonderful scenes at the health centre today as John Hegarty, at the young age of 102, breaks into song as he receives his Covid vaccination, well done John!”

The video is delightful as John smiles and sings while the doctor administers the vaccine into his upper arm.

The video has been viewed numerous times online and John has received plenty of warm wishes and praise from his family and friends, aswell as from people who have never met him, but were just inspired by his actions.

John’s granddaughter Donna Hegarty Catterson posted: “Well done granda, your a super star ⭐?”

Friends of the family added comments including “Well done John, delighted to see you looking so well” and “Fabulous Donna your Grandad looks so well.”

There were also dozens more messages for John, praising him for both his beautiful singing voice and also his positive attitude.

“Ah Brilliant, what a great man!”

“Isn’t he some man an example to us all. Well done.”

“Fair play to him! He is a happy man! Keep on singing!”

“Great scene of positivity and hope for the future.”

You can take a look at the video below.

Absolutely brilliant!

If John’s soulful voice has put you in the mood for some Irish folk tunes then take a look at the Dubliners perfoming The Wild Rover below.