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Graham Norton reveals the most extreme demand his celebrity guests have made

Chat king Graham Norton has revealed the most extreme request his team have had from one of his superstar celebrity guests.

The Cork presenter was speaking with a fellow chat show host Stephen Colbert about the release of his new book A Keeper.

Graham Norton reveals the most extreme demand his celebrity guests have made

Norton was welcomed with a warm applause from the studio audience prompting him to joke: “Did they all google me before I came on? They seem to know who I am.”

Colbert welcomed Norton with a glass of whiskey, as he pointed out that is the normal way to help guests relax when appearing on the Graham Norton Show.

The discussion then turned to British politics which Norton admitted was complete “bedlam”.

He then joked that perhaps the UK had felt embarrassed for America on the world stage, and so “we found our own angry cabbage patch kid and made him leader”.

As the two men share a profession in hosting celebrity guests, it was not surprising that the conversation turned to their respective shows.

Colbert asked Norton what the most extreme thing one of his guests had ever asked for.

Norton was quick to recall one particular celebrity who had rather extreme demand.

He said: “You get used to it but there’s one that kind of took our breath away and I cannot say who this was.”

Colbert interrupted with the assumption it must have been Madonna, but Norton was insistent it was not the pop icon.

He continued: “This person – who shall remain nameless – I’ll call her ‘she,’ she wanted nine dressing rooms and we go ‘fine, here are your nine dressing rooms.’ That afternoon, I’m sitting in the production office and one of her minions comes into us and says ‘it’s a 911 situation. We need another dressing room.’

“So, our line producer sorts that out but while she’s on the phone to get another dressing room and on hold, she says ‘out of interest, why does she (the guest) need another dressing room?’ Oh, she wants to charge her cellphone.”

Norton then turned to the crowd and exclaimed: “We live like animals ladies and gentlemen!”

Colbert had another guess as to who the mystery celebrity might be, but Norton was giving no more clues as to their identity.

The two then discussed Norton’s latest novel, and he revealed how much he enjoyed the process of writing it, because it enabled him to immerse his mind in the beauty of Ireland, where A Keeper is set.”

Take a look at the video below.

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