Irish girl wrote incredible song as tribute to late mother

Get Up Dress Up. Emily and Jerry Long

A young girl wrote and performed a hugely emotional duet with her father, as a tribute to her late mother.

Emily Long is 11 years old and tragically lost her mum Liz to cancer recently. She wrote the moving piece Get Up Dress Up in memory of her mother.

Get Up Dress Up. Emily and Jerry Long

Emily performs it with her dad Jerry, who plays the guitar and also sings.

The family, from Co Cork, have received huge praise since posting the video online with many praising both daughter and father for their bravery and talent.

Liz Long passed away in February after a four-year battle with cancer. Her heartbroken daughter and husband have done brilliantly to share their emotions with the world.

The song begins with Emily singing the lines: “You fought for me. You fought for us. We loved you so. But now you have to go.”

Emily’s father Jerry then sing the chorus: “She said Get Up Dress Up, No matter what you’re feeling, Get Up Dress Up Now.”

The video is a wonderful tribute from Emily and Jerry and both their love and pain are there for all to see. They have been incredibly brave to share this personal tribute with the world.

The clip even shows the typical relationship between father and daughter, as Emily gets annoyed at Jerry for ‘messing it up’ and she insists that she won’t put it on YouTube. Take a look for yourself.

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