Gerard Butler won’t be trying an Irish accent again

Gerard Butler. Irish accent. Photo copyright Tabercil CC3

Hollywood heart-throb Gerard Butler has said he will not take a role which requires an Irish accent again after his attempt in the 2007 film PS I Love You.
The Scottish star received heavy criticism following the movie, in which he played an Irish man delivering love messages to his widow from beyond the grave.Gerard Butler. Irish accent. Photo copyright Tabercil CC3
Movie fans gave Butler plenty of stick for his Irish accent with many claiming it was the worst ever attempt on the big screen.
Butler was philosophical about the reception he got when asked if he would ever try an Irish accent again. He said: “After all those wonderful reviews and glorious feedback, I don’t think that would be a good idea. I’ve ticked that box.”
Butler’s latest film, London Has Fallen, sees him continue to fight against terrorists in his role as Secret Service bodyguard Mike Branning.
London Has Fallen is the sequel to the 2013 blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen which saw a terrorist attack on the White House.
Butler admitted he was not convinced a sequel would be a success initially. He said: “I think the first film took everyone by surprise. It was really gritty.
“But we’ve attacked the president in the White House, where could we go from here?
“I didn’t know if I wanted to do another one to be honest because the last one, it really took it out of me. I was pretty beat up. I thought, ‘I’m old, can I put myself through this again?’”
Butler is famous for his tough guy image and action packed roles. He has previously starred as Spartan King Leonidas in 300. Butler put on 15lbs in muscle for the role, but insisted he won’t go to that extreme again.
He said: “I knew I was doing my body damage. It wasn’t healthy for me the amount I was training but I did it because I wanted to do justice to the role.”