George Clooney reveals pranks on Brad Pitt on Graham Norton Show

George Clooney reveals pranks on Brad Pitt on Graham Norton Show

Movie legend George Clooney appeared on the Graham Norton show last weekend and revealed his ongoing war of pranks with fellow Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt.
The Tomorrowland actor was one of several A-list guests for Norton, as fellow superstars Dwayne Johnson and Snoop Dogg were also welcomed on to the show.
Clooney was in fine form, as he shared the couch with Hollywood actress Britt Robertson and House star Hugh Laurie.
George Clooney reveals pranks on Brad Pitt on Graham Norton Show
He explained how his honeymoon had to be cut short for a Comic Convention for his most recent movie Tomorrowland.
Clooney explained that he was amazed by the passion shown by the science fiction fans, as it was his first convention having never done anything before in his career which required he attend such an event.
Then he remembered his role in the unsuccessful movie Batman and Robin in 1997, to which he admitted: “I always apologise for Batman and Robin. I actually thought I’d destroyed the franchise. I thought at the time it was going to be a very good career move, it wasn’t!”

Clooney then told Norton that he and his friend Brad Pitt have been in a constant back-and-forth war of pranks since they starred in Ocean’s Eleven together in 2001.
The two Hollywood heart-throbs are famously very close friends, but it seems that they enjoy taking their pranks on each other to an ‘extreme’ level.
Clooney explained: “I’ve done some terrible things to Brad, but then Brad has done some terrible things to me too.”
He revealed that it all started with an offensive bumper sticker that he stuck on the back of Pitt’s car, knowing it would almost certainly lead to him being pulled over by the police.
The pranks then escalated until Clooney was sending out letters to other Hollywood actors on behalf of Brad Pitt, including one to The Devil Wears Prada legend Meryl Streep.
Clooney revealed he had sent a box of dialect coaching CDs to Streep, supposedly from Pitt to help her prepare for an upcoming part, leaving her bemused and setting up an awkward conversation between the two stars at their next meeting.
He also said that he never reveals his pranks for at least a couple of years.
“I’m doing one now that I can’t tell you about but in a year’s time you’re going to hear that I’ve been arrested! And I’m not kidding because I think I’ve crossed a line. Yeah it’s exciting, but I have a wife, she’s a barrister, I’ll be fine!”
So there you go Brad Pitt, you have been warned. Keep your eyes and ears open to see what horrors await you over the next 12 months.

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