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Generous Irish boy donates money to children’s hospital

A generous Irish boy had his parents beaming with pride when he revealed what he intended to do with his communion money.
Liam O’Flynn decided that rather than keep the money for himself he would prefer to donate it to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.
The kind hearted eight-year-old wanted the children in the hospital to have some ice cream and toys.
Kind hearted Irish boy donates his communion money to children’s hospital
He wanted to help the hospital because his little sister Gracie had spent some time there.
The hospital staff were very grateful for Liam’s gift and wrote on their Facebook page: “We are so grateful to Liam for being so kind and thinking of us and giving all of our little patients a treat yesterday.”
The post received thousands of likes and comments from people who expressed their admiration for Liam and how proud his parents must be.
Liam’s mum Susan said that she and her family were ‘beyond’ proud of her son.
She said: “He is a wonderful child, wild as anything with a tremendously big heart. He is so happy with all the lovely comments and great pictures.”

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