Geldof warns Scotland over independence

Music legend Bob Geldof has urged the Scots to reject independence from Britain, warning: “Nationalism is a dangerous political animal!”

Scotland will hold a referendum in less than two weeks, to decide whether or not they remain a part of Britain or go it alone as an independent state.

Geldof warns Scotland ahead of independence referendum
Of course Ireland was also under British rule for centuries, before gaining independence in 1922. That was after several rebellions and uprisings had cost thousands of lives for the cause.
Now the Scots have the opportunity to gain independence, but Geldof has warned them to think twice before voting.

‘None of us are ever independent’

The Boomtown Rats star said: “Nationalism is a very dangerous political animal. I know this – I’m Irish. It’s a cheap political trick which twists the understanding of who we are. I completely understand the emotional impulse towards independence. But always consider independence in inverted commas because what the f*** does it mean? We are entirely dependent on one another. None of us, in our private lives or our political constructs, are ever independent. We are all sovereign unto ourselves but we’re dependent on one another.”
Geldof then went on to question whether Scotland would be better off on their own, and warned them to be wary of politicians playing on their national pride: “There’s going to be an independent Scotland and a united Ireland and it will all be great? What will be great about it? Please explain that to me. Do you have any less pride in being Scottish or Irish than you will have next week? Seriously? It’s the manipulation of that pride and spurious arguments like that which drives me nuts.”
The referendum will take a week on Thursday 18th September.
Geldof rose to fame with his band the Boomtown Rats in the 1970s, and was also one of the main forces behind the Live Aid concerts in the 1980s. He is currently preparing for upcoming performances in Boston and New York.