Struggling in the garden? Have you tried a potato?

A clever new use for potatoes has been discovered – as a vital source of moisture and nutrients for growing roses.

There are not many foods more iconic to Ireland than the potato. For centuries, the humble spud has been a key part of the staple diet for Irish people.

Growing rose cuttings with potatoes

One of their great qualities is their versatility. They can be boiled, mashed, roasted, baked, chipped, and will always provide healthy nutrients as part of a delicious and filling meal.

Now, in recent years, the potato’s uses have spread beyond the kitchen into the garden.

Not many people know, but a potato can also be used as a vital tool for gardeners.

A common problem for home gardeners is transferring cuttings from a healthy rosebush, and growing a new plant. It is notoriously difficult to do, as more often than not the cuttings fail to grow routes of their own and unfortunately end up withered and dead.

A potato contains huge amounts of water and nutrients. These are just the things that rose cuttings need if they are to grow into independent plants of their own.

A YouTube video from Fenyutas demonstrates the method to be used. Simply take a fresh potato, carve out some narrow holes into it and stick the rose cutting stems into the holes.

Then place the potato in a plant pot and cover with soil and water regularly. The cuttings will have a far better chance of growing into full plants with the potatoes providing them with moisture and nutrients for the first few weeks.

Take a look at Fenyutas video and follow his method.

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