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World-class musician plays at Dublin’s Connolly station, and no-one even notices!

Irish commuters were treated to a performance by a world-class musician and most of them didn’t even realise what a special talent they were witnessing.

Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero was travelling through Dublin on her way to Belfast as part of her tour across the UK.

World-class musician plays at Dublin’s Connolly station, and no-one even notices!

She had an hour to wait until her train was due, so she decided to sit at the station’s public piano and practice some of her repertoire.

She sat and played some of the Mozart Sonata Kinderszenen, while the busy people around her rushed to continue their own journeys.

Montero is one of the world’s leading pianists and has performed at illustrious venues throughout her career.

Her fans happily pay anything up to €100 to see her play. You can see her upcoming tour dates and buy tickets by visiting gabrielamontero.com/.

However, Dublin’s commuters were a little too pre-occupied with their own agendas to realise what a unique opportunity was in front of them.

It is understandable given that train stations are notoriously stressful places to be, and by definition everybody there is trying to get to somewhere else.

Who has time to stop and listen to a world-class musician practice her work?

At least one person appreciated Montero’s efforts.

She posted on social media: “Since I was only able to practice a third of my repertoire this morning at 8am before I flew to Ireland, I decided to go for it and practice at Connolly Train Station in Dublin. I had an hour to spare.

“My hands were freezing, I felt ridiculous (totally exposed!) but I got through some of the Mozart Sonata, Kinderszenen, and a sweet old Irish lady shyly approached me to thank me.”

Take a look at the video below.

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