Leading Irish dance group put on incredible display

Leading Irish dance group put on incredible display

One of the world’s leading Irish dance groups put on a terrific show at the 46th Irish Dance World Championships.

Fusion Fighters have already treated us to several outstanding Irish Dance videos. This latest performance in front of a packed crowd was no different.

Leading Irish dance group put on incredible display

Fusion Fighters were the only group asked to perform over the eight day event, as the organisers recognised they are one of the leaders in the field of modern Irish dance.

They are led by Chris Naish, who is a former member of Lord of the Dance and shared many stages with Irish dance legend Michael Flatley.

Fusion Fighters also include Irish Dance world champion brothers Michael and Matthew Gardiner. The other performers onstage were Michael Donnellan and David Robertson.

For this performance the dancers took to the stage wearing kilts as a tribute to their hosts, with the championships being held at the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow.

They showcased their superb dancing skills with a perfectly timed and choreographed display.

The four danced together in perfect unison before each member of the group stepped forward to perform a solo routine.

The performance was capped off by a haunting violin piece, played brilliantly by Nicole Lonergan.

Take a look for yourself below.

Fusion Fighters Guest Performance @ the 2016 World Irish Danci…

Fusion Fighters Guest Performance @ the CLRG Irish Dancing Commission 2016 World Irish Dancing Championships in Glasgow #FusionFighters (Professional Edit)Featuring Chris Naish, Michael Donnellan, Michael Gardiner, Matthew Gardiner AKA Gardiner Brothers Nicole Lonergan & David RobertsonMusic by Brian McGrane MusicTo book the Fusion Fighters, contact us at [email protected]

Posted by Fusion Fighters on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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