Fusion Fighters open their Irish dance camp with stunning street performance

Fusion Fighters open their Irish dance camp with stunning street performance

The world’s leading Irish dance group Fusion Fighters marked the beginning of their annual summer camp and showcase with an exhilarating performance on the streets of Limerick.

Fusion Fighters have returned to Limerick for the fourth consecutive year to bring together some of the world’s best Irish dancers, teachers and choreographers.

Fusion Fighters open their Irish dance camp with stunning street performance

For the past week the professionals have been coaching and encouraging youngsters of all ages and abilities to master some of the routines and techniques in Irish dance.

And of course, because the creative team at Fusion Fighters like to add their own element of style and creativity to the performances, often mixing different dance styles into the routines.

Fusion Fighters leader Chris Naish took time out to tell us a little about the camp.

He said: “We are very excited to have some of the best Irish dancers and multiple time world champions as dance instructors and choreographers including Michael Donnellan, Michael Gardiner, Matthew Gardiner, Ciaran Plummer and Chris Naish. With Riverdance lead dancer Chloey Turner as Mindfulness coach and fitness instructor.

“The camp has run from 8th-15th August in the grounds of Shannon RFC and Thomond Park with the end of camp showcase in the LIT Millennium Theatre on 15th.

“This year’s camp has been attended by 72 Irish dancers. These dancers have travelled from all over the world to attend this dancing spectacular, with 15 nationalities represented.”

The team certainly marked the opening of the camp with a stunning exhibition of Irish dance in the centre of Limerick. And it is no surprise, given the Fusion Fighters team boasts a who’s who of stars in the world of Irish dance.

Chris continued: “On Friday evening we ascended to the streets of Limerick to give the locals a glimpse of what to expect at the showcase on the 15th. They were not disappointed with this amazing performance by this year’s cast members.”

Take a look at the showcase performance the team put on in Limerick and click the links below to see more great Irish dance videos, many of which feature Fusion Fighters and their members.

If you would like to find out more about Fusion Fighter or buy tickets to attend one of their shows, then visit www.fusiondancefest.com.

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