Fusion Fighters light up St Patrick’s Day crowd at Temple Bar

Late Late Show St Patrick’s Day special celebrates all things Irish

Leading Irish dance group Fusion Fighters got the party started at the Temple Bar area of Dublin for St Patrick’s Day.
The group lined up on the streets in the capital, and began dancing in perfect unison to delight the crowd of onlookers.

It is no surprise that Fusion Fighters came up with something special to celebrate our patron saint.
They have consistently been one of the leading Irish dance groups in the world in recent years, and have produced numerous fantastic videos to showcase their creativity and talent.
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For St Patrick’s Day, Fusion Fighters chose to entertain partygoers in the capital, with a well rehearsed and perfectly executed routine.
To start with, two young female dancers took centre stage, dancing together with perfect timing and agility.
Then they stepped aside and allowed two male performers to take the limelight.
The routine continued with different members of the group stepping out from the background to steal the show.
All the while, the other Fusion Fighter stood around them showing their support.
The big finale saw the entire crew dance together to the delight of the onlooking crowd.
Take a look for yourself below.


Written by Andrew Moore