Think you’ve seen Irish dance videos? You haven’t seen this one!

Halfway to St Patrick's Day Fusion Fighters

There are absolutely loads of Irish dance videos watched online, and their popularity means the leading dancers have to keep upping their game to stay on top and keep surprising people.
That is exactly what leading dance group Fusion Fighters are doing, and their latest dance video, titled Halfway to St Patrick’s Day, has grabbed the attention of Irish dance enthusiasts everywhere.
Halfway to St Patrick's Day Fusion Fighters
The video was created to mark the halfway point in the year until the next St Patrick’s Day.
It sees Fusion Fighters dance their way around the city before finally grouping together on stage.
The dancers are captured by some stunning shots taken from a drone camera to give a completely unique view of the performance.
The video is set to music from Beoga, with their song The Convict from the album BEFORE WE CHANGE OUR MIND.
The choreography and directing was done by Fusion Fighters creator and leader Chris Naish.
In their press release, Fusion Fighters said: “Starring Chris Naish, from Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Celtic Women, the video celebrates our greater Irish Community as we begin our countdown to St. Patrick’s Day.
“The movie begins with Naish leaping from his bed as morning begins and he realizes its six months until St. Patrick’s Day. As a text message and Facebook invite are sent to his dancers, dancers leap from their beds and morning routine and head to the studio in preparation of the second biggest celebration of the year.
“A parade of dancers travels through the old steel town and onlookers watch and start feeling the beat. From the city to the stage, the town comes together to celebrate Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day.”
Take a look for yourself below.

Q & A with Fusion Fighters leader Chris Naish

Written by Andrew Moore