Fusion Fighters hope to catch Ed Sheeran's eye with spectacular Irish dancing

Ed Sheeran to play charity gig in lucky fan's home

The Irish dance community has been a hotbed of excitement and anticipation this week after international superstar Ed Sheeran revealed he is on the lookout for some Irish dancers to perform in his latest music video.
Ireland Calling spoke to one of the leading Irish dance groups, Fusion Fighters, to hear what the buzz was like at the moment. Here’s what they had to say.

The Irish Dance World has been going crazy this week over the news! Irish Band ‘Beoga’ have already announced their involvement on his new album on two of his tracks.
This public announcement by Ed has sent the Irish Dance World into pandemonium as everyone knows this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for whoever the lucky dancers are that will be picked to work with one of the biggest music stars on the planet.
Fusion Fighters have decided to launch a campaign dubbed #STEP4SHEERAN in a bit to showcase all of the amazing talent our Irish Dance community has to offer & to ultimately try to get the attention of Ed’s Management or even Ed Sheeran himself.
We have got in contact with some of the worlds best dancers to make a compilation video. The video features current World Champions, leading show stars and members of the Fusion Fighters Crew.
Most of the dancers in the video are also Champion Ceili dancers which Ed requested in his interview, but we also thought he might like to see what the dancers are also capable of to dancing individually to his upbeat music.

Fusion Fighters have a reputation for going viral with over 20million views on their video campaigns in 2016. We wish them the best of luck with their campaign and hopefully Ed will spot this fantastic performance and consider them for his video.
Take a look for yourself below.

Written by Andrew Moore