Irish dance and music stars team up to raise awareness of the desperate plight of rainforests

Fusion Fighters team up with Chloë Agnew

Irish dance stars Fusion Fighters took on ambitious 2019 project which saw them bring the horror of deforestation into sharp focus.

They joined forces with some of the best loved stars in Irish music for the new initiative, which is called ‘The Amazon Artists’.

Over the past decade, Fusion Fighters have established themselves as one of the most innovative and hardworking organisations in modern Irish dance.

Fusion Fighters team up with Chloë Agnew

Troupe leader Chris Naish is passionate about the environment and was keen to do his bit to tackle the damage that is being done in the rainforests.

The star, who has joined forces with Mitchell Music for this project, says everybody can make a small difference.

Naish told Ireland Calling: “With all the deforestation & ‘Slash & Burn’ stories from forests worldwide (Most notably stories on the Amazon/ Brazilian government) we wanted to take action the only way we knew how.

“We decided to team up with Rainforest trust so our followers and audience of the videos can contribute to the list of Urgent Appeals they have worldwide. We thought this was important as our followers would remind us it’s not just the Amazon this is happening to.

“Hopefully we can make a difference even if it being a small one. Fusion Fighters are known now for these types of campaigns and getting artists to join together at difficult times like these, especially when it’s something that affects us all and the future of the planet we live on so we couldn’t sit there and do nothing.”

The idea is for fans of Fusion Fighters to send in videos of themselves performing in the great outdoors.

The group’s fans did not disappoint and within a week they had sent in hundreds of videos featuring singing and dancing against beautiful backdrops.

They also have some stars of Irish music on board and the first video features none other than former Celtic Woman singer Chloë Agnew.

Take a look at the video for Stop it Burning, featuring Fusion Fighters and Chloë Agnew.

For more information visit Fusion Fighters’ website.

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