Fusion Fighters stun Belfast with a dazzling display of Irish dancing

Fusion Fighters stun Belfast with a dazzling display of Irish dancing

Our favourite Irish dance troupe Fusion Fighter are back with another thrilling video, which is sure to sweep the internet like wildfire.

The group were in Belfast to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and they put on another of their trademark Irish dance performances.

Fusion Fighters stun Belfast with a dazzling display of Irish dancing

Fusion Fighters leader Chris Naish described the day. He told us: “The weather was perfect during the concert and the crowd were electric, so much energy!

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“We had a lot of dancers and supporters in the audience who were making lots of noise! We have previously performed at Trafalgar Square, The Late Late Show & BBC Nolan Live for St Patrick’s Day so this was another memorable March 17th to add to the list.”

It definitely looked like a great atmosphere and Fusion Fighters really got the crowd going with their exciting and innovative routine.

Is it just us, or has Irish dancing never looked so sexy and cool than when the Fusion Fighters take to the stage?
You can watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Fusion Fighters first burst onto the scene back on St Patrick’s Day in 2013 and took the industry by storm with their new take on Irish dance.

Congratulations to Chris and all his team as the Fusion Fighters are going from strength to strength.

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