‘Frostbit’ boy’s YouTube views soar after interview

The ‘Ye wouldn’t be long getting frost bit’ schoolboy is seeing a surge in views on an old YouTube video he created two years ago.

Ruairí McSorley uploaded a medley of funny impressions in April 2013, which failed to register a significant number of views. That was until he became an internet sensation over the past couple of days after he delivered a comical interview on Northern Irish news about the snowfall in his village.

When asked about if it was a cold journey to school in the morning by the reporter, McSorley responded with the now iconic phrase: “Oh God, ye wouldn’t be long getting frost bit!”

The video has been viewed more than one million times since it was uploaded two days ago.

However, it turns out that this cheeky interview was just the tip of the iceberg with McSorley, and he has a history of entertaining by doing funny voices and impressions.

The video he produced back in 2013 is now beginning to get noticed by YouTubers, and many have saluted him as a ‘comic genius’ and a ‘beast of Northern Ireland’.

He was visited yesterday by journalists from UTV to ask him about his reaction to becoming a star overnight. Again, he was in good form as he exclaimed: “Oh god it’s mad craic altogether, imagine that! God, I thought it had only gone as far as the Free State, but honest to God it even as far as Japan and Pakistan and America overnight!”

McSorley is currently studying three different languages in his hometown in Londonderry, but has hopes to have his own TV show in the future.

If you haven’t seen the videos yet then enjoy them below.

“Ye wouldn’t be long getting frost bit!”

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