French woman explains why she couldn’t resist an Irish breakfast

Croissants or Irish fry-up? No contest!

A French woman has written a wonderful review of Irish cuisine after eating her first ever traditional Irish breakfast.

The French know what they’re talking about when it comes to food and Marie Desevedavy has urged all of her fellow countrymen and women to try an Irish breakfast at least once in their lives.

She said: “The food in Ireland is wonderful, I’m glad I have a chance to experience it.”

Croissants or Irish fry-up? No contest!

She was so taken with her full Irish breakfast that she wrote about her experience for the Irish Mirror.

Desevedavy began by saying that like many French people she enjoys brunch and breakfast on Sunday as it is a chance to spend time with friends or family and ‘let your palate taste different flavours’.

She said: “The weekly traditional French breakfast we have is quite sweet and light.

“In France, we usually have a hot drink, juice, bread with butter or/and jam, or cereals or cakes including the well-known croissant, with or without jam, a pain au chocolat or a pain aux raisins.”

Desevedavy said that she always felt an Irish breakfast was a mixture of savoury and sweet.

She said: “The idea I had of that meal was that it was composed of fried eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausages, yoghurt with fruits, a hot drink, and a juice.”

That was until she decided to visit a café near St Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

She continued: “I ordered the Irish breakfast and a hot chocolate also.

“My dish comprised of double baked eggs, brown soda bread, bacon, sausages and roast tomatoes. A few minutes later, the food arrived on a board.

“Three thick slices of brown bread and butter were arranged on the left, while, on the other side of the board, an oven dish was filled with the baked eggs, covered by bacon and sausages. It seemed really tasty and smelled good.

“At first, it did not seem to me like I would have a lot to eat, and I would still be starving. But actually, I had to push myself to eat everything and not waste any food.

“I succeeded with time, patience and some difficulty!”

Desevedavy said that once she had finished her breakfast she was full like never before and had to go for a long walk to Phoenix Park to walk it off.

She admits that she is likely to go back to a sweet breakfast but will occasionally treat herself to the more savoury and salty Irish breakfast.

She said: “It was really good, and I strongly recommend to have an Irish breakfast, once. But I do not think I can have one every day, even every week or every month.”

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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling