Free online course teaches basic Irish language and role of women in Irish myths and legends

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An online university course offers people around the world the chance to immerse themselves in Irish culture – and start to learn the Irish language.

The free course from Future Learn is called Irish 104: An Introduction to Irish Language and Culture.

The course also takes a look at the role of women in Irish myths and legends.

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Students will learn how to introduce and describe themselves in Irish, make arrangements to meet other people, ask and answer questions and use everyday commands.

The Future Learn website says: “On this course, you’ll improve your understanding of basic spoken words, phrases and dialogues in Irish.

“You’ll learn how to make arrangements to meet other people, talk about going on holiday and give commands.

You’ll also explore the myths and legends of Ireland and the role of women within these stories.”

The course was developed by a team of top lecturers, professors and doctoral candidates and Dublin City University.

It lasts four weeks and requires around four hours study time per week.

When students have completed the course, they will be able to:
• Engage with the Irish language through culture
• Discuss how to make specific arrangements to meet other people
• Describe going on holidays and answer questions regarding the arrangements
• Explain and ask questions regarding other peoples holidays and general arrangements
• Engage with Irish mythical stories and sagas
• Explore and read about the role of women in Irish myths and legends
• Identify and use basic grammatical concepts
• Apply and use commands in different situations
If you would like to sign up and learn the language of your ancestors visit the Future Learn website.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling