Free online course on Irish history – great opportunity to learn about your ancestors

New free online course in Irish history from Trinity College

Anyone interested in improving their knowledge of Irish history has been given a golden opportunity by
They are offering a free online course about the lives of Irish people during one of the most significant periods in the country’s history.
‘Irish Lives in War and Revolution: Exploring Ireland’s History 1912-1923’ will explore the lives of Irish civilians from all walks of life and see how the numerous conflicts during the period affected them and their families.
New free online course in Irish history from Trinity College
The course is now accepting registrations form people to declare their interest in taking part.
It lasts six weeks and students are advised they should spend roughly five hours per week reading through the historical source materials, engaging with each other, and completing the relative tasks.
The eleven years covered in the course saw numerous conflicts in Ireland. The Dublin Lockout, Easter Rising, War of Independence and Civil War are all covered. There were also thousands of Irish soldiers fighting in the First World War during.
The Future Learn course will not only cover the major figures involved in these key events. It will also delve deeper into the Irish communities, and investigate how these events affected the lives of civilians.
Parents worried about their sons and daughters in a country bubbling up with revolution. Families torn apart by political differences, and of course the mourning of loved ones lost on the battlefield.
The course is a fantastic opportunity for people interested in understanding their own Irish heritage. Many people from the early 20th century went on to emigrate from Ireland to countries all around the world. This course could help their relatives understand the decisions they made to leave Ireland.
Many people with Irish genealogy have taken steps to research their family tree in the past few years, since the emergence of the internet.
Online courses are incredibly flexible and allow students to learn at their own pace and in their own time. The duration is not too daunting at just six weeks and the course tutors recommend only a five hour per week commitment. And of course, it is totally free.
Visit to register your interest in the course.