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Freckled woman hits back at trolls with half and half selfie

A young woman has made a huge impact online with a picture of half her face covered in make-up and half without as a display of her beauty and pride of her freckled complexion.
Nail technician Kelsie Swygart posted the photo to hit back at online trolls and bullies who had attempted to make her feel ashamed of her freckles.
Freckled woman hits back at trolls with half and half selfie
In a great display of strength, Kelsie hit back on Instagram with the half and half look.
She posted: “I DON’T WEAR THIS MUCH MAKEUP EVER. I just did this for the sake of the challenge.
“Most days I don’t wear any makeup at all unless I’m at work and even then it’s just brows, liner & mascara.
“For everyone saying ‘Too much’ or ‘Too dramatic’ etc. can suck eggs. Even if I did this full glam look every day, it would be nobody’s concern but my own.
“I do feel beautiful with or without makeup. This challenge was so freaking fun and I will be doing it again sometime soon! Thank you everyone for your kind and supporting comments!”

The post was part of the power of makeup challenge, which involved women posting photos of themselves with half their face with makeup on, and half without.
Kelsie posted again to comment on the reaction her post had recieved.
She said: “When I posted that first power of makeup post I never could have imagined in a hundred million years that people would react like they are.
“I thought the MOST I’d get out of it was 20-30 likes and a few sweet comments from my close friends. I’m still shocked and a little overwhelmed by how huge this has got.
“It’s taken me years to become comfortable with myself and it’s something I work on each day. But empowering others is all I want to get out of this.”

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