‘Framed’ Oliver Cromwell was honourable, says Irish historian

Michael Kehoe

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Teague says:

    There is some truth in what he says in regard to the mass murders that were commited in Ireland. However this was only the convention of the day when asking a town to surrender and they efused there could be no quater expected once the town was taken That was the norm of the day. However Cromwell considered Catholics as the anti Christ which was the opinion of most English / welsh and lowland Scots of the time.Therefore the treatment of the Irish would have been much worse at the hands of Cromwell compared to his Scottish campaign from months before. Is Cromwell a scapegoat ….no …was he the monster we learnt about no …He considered what he did in Ireland Gods work and like ISIS today he considered himself an instrument of god

  2. Jane McCarthy says:

    ‘Amateur’ is certainly the word for this west-Brit apologist. What’s he been smoking, anyway?

  3. Alan says:

    So, did this guy actually beat my ancestor to death with his own wooden leg on the bridge in Drogheda or not General Aston was a good guy here?
    Did or did he not say to hell or to Connaught?
    Please stop talking nonsense!!

  4. Joan Wanner says:

    Similar to saying, Saadam Hussein wasn’t such a bad guy for gasing all of the Kurds. They were his enemies in a time of war( Iraq-Iran War.) Its all relative and we all know, its the victor who gets to tell the story.

  5. Shane O'Malley says:

    This guy is an amateur historian in more ways than one. Cromwell was criticised in England by groups like the levellers for his conduct in Ireland. This guy is trying to get noticed by saying something controversial. He has no honour.

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