Flight attendant entertains passengers with trad dance session

flight attendant trad dance

An Irish flight attendant went the extra mile to ensure her passengers had an enjoyable flight by entertaining them with a good old Irish jig.
flight attendant trad dance
Orla O’Brien works for Aer Lingus and was on duty for a night time flight from Boston to Shannon.
During the journey a group of passengers, who happened to be an Irish band, began playing some traditional Irish tunes.
Orla could have told them to stop, so that the other passengers could rest, but instead she let the music take control and grabbed a partner to dance with.
Orla and her male companion jumped, jigged and twirled in the aisle, much to the merriment of the onlooking spectators.
The duo clearly had a great laugh trying to twist and turn in the confined space, but the dancing on show was certainly entertaining.
The performance was recorded by several of the delighted passengers, and one of the videos has now been uploaded on to Facebook.

Orla’s friends are full of praise. Here are just a few of the comments posted online.
“Brilliant!!!! but we always knew you were going to be famous Orla”
“Fair play to u Orla , some craic on that flight”
“Is there a new section in the aer lingus website that you can request a trad session on ur flight 😛😛😛😛… Ah that was brilliant Orla !!!”
“I was the lucky man that danced with Orla on the flight and Aer Lingus should be proud of her she is a great character great stuff. Orla. Oliver O’Connell”

After several hours in the sky, the plane safely touched down at Shannon Airport in the early hours of Tuesday morning.