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Flashmob of Irish dancers wow Dublin Airport

A ‘flashmob’ of Irish dancers wowed holiday makers and commuters at Dublin airport with a spectacular and unexpected performance.

The dancers were part of the Take to the Floor show, in association with Riverdance, and are some of the best Irish dancers in the world.

Flashmob of Irish dancers perform at Dublin Airport

Some of the dancers can’t help flashing a knowing smile to the camera as they make their way down the escalators to their performance area.

As they came off the escalator they turned back on themselves and met in the middle to begin their performance. It started with an all-female routine until the boys joined in halfway through.

Many onlookers started to record the dance on their mobile phones.

At the end the dancers casually walk away as if nothing has happened.

Fortunately we have a professionally recorded and edited video of the performance – take a look below.

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  1. Walter Frank Eilson

    Wonderful, ready to back for another trip

  2. Kathleen. Kelley


  3. Bet that was a lovely start to passenger’s journeys

  4. Been to Shannon airport, wish I saw these dancers in person, River Dance has nothing on them.. Are you coming to the United STATES anytime soon?

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