Fascinating and idyllic island off the coast of Galway put up for sale

High Island

An idyllic island off the west coast of Ireland could be the perfect purchase for anyone wanting to get away from it all – as long as they have €1,250,000 to spare.

High Island, near Claddaghduff, Co Galway peers out into the Atlantic Ocean and is fascinating for both its nature and history.

It has approximately 32 hectares (80 acres) of mostly island grazing and can boast two natural fresh water lakes and some of the most stunning scenery in the west of Ireland.

High Island

The island used to be owned by the Martin family, who were one of the great tribes of Galway.

It is a 3km boat ride away from Connemara, close to the village of Claddaghduff. From Claddaghduff, it is an hour and a half drive from Galway – which has been named as Ireland’s ‘most romantic city’.

High Island which is also known as Ardoilean is home to an abundance of birdlife.

The listing on myhome.ie says: “[There are] many types of gulls, fulmars, Manx shearwaters, petrels and oyster catchers and even a pair of peregrine falcons breeding each spring.”

“In the autumn, barnacle geese arrive from mainland Europe and winter on the island.”

The maximum height of the island is 63.3 metres above sea level.

There are several ancient artefacts on the island, some of which are believed to date back to 300 BC. There is a monastery on the island near the larger of the two lakes that is credited to Saint Féichín, who is believed to have died in 665 during the yellow plague.

It is believed that the monastery was originally constructed in the seventh century and there were between 50 and 70 people living on the island.

My Home states: “Currently the remains of the monastery consist of the church and altar itself and a completely intact beehive hut located directly to the east of the church. There are the collapsed remains of three similar beehive huts to the West of the monastic enclosure. The church wall enclosure is, in majority intact with several openings or entrances and the main entrance being to the South East.”

The monastery is a national monument (No.52) and owned by the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government (DEHLG), and is therefore excluded from the sale).

Studies of pollen samples on the island suggest that it was occupied as far back as 1000 BC.

Today the island is a Special Protection Area under the EU Bird Directive of special conservation interest for the Barnacle Goose, Fulmar and Arctic Tern.

Take a look at the pictures below.

For more information visit myhome.ie.

High Island

High Island, monastery and lake from above

Building on High Island

High Island monastery

High Island monastery window

High Island monastery table

High Island monastery outside

High Island monastery lake

High Island lake

High Island two lakes

High Island monastery from above

High Island rugged rock

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