Irish farmers say a pint of Guinness should be cheaper

Irish farmers say a pint of Guinness should be cheaper

Irish farmers have hit out at Guinness and say the price of a pint should be reduced by 10% in line with the lower payment they now receive for their grains.

Malting barley farmers were paid €175 a tonne thirty years ago, when the price of a pint was just 40c. Now they receive just €155 per tonne of grain, while the price of a pint will cost at least €4.

Irish farmers say a pint of Guinness should be cheaper

In 2012, Diageo, the company that owns Guinness, upped the price of a pint by 5% due to a “very significant increases in raw materials such as barley”.

The Irish Grain Growers Group say their members now make less than half a cent for every pint of Guinness sold.

Chairman Bobby Miller spoke to the Irish Sun. He said: “We are slowly but surely going out of business as a result.

“If we got the equivalent of half a cent a pint it would put malted barley up to €200 a tonne and we would be quite happy. The price of grain is quite insignificant to the retail price.

“In 2012 they increased the price of a pint by five cent and one of the main reasons given was the cost of raw materials was costing more.

“The price of grain did spike that year to €250 a tonne but we didn’t have the same yield that year.

“Surely they should treat their customers right and drop the price of a pint given they are getting the raw materials for less.”

The Irish Grain Growers Group will protest today outside the headquarters of Boortmalt, who malt the crop and then sell it on to Diageo.

Diageo said they have “no role whatsoever in negotiations regarding the price of malting barley” as they purchase finished malt.

A spokesperson added: “These are a matter for growers and malting companies. Nor does Diageo set the price of a pint in pubs.

“Diageo has always been supportive of Irish farmers and farming in Ireland and will continue to be so.”

Guinness – Ireland’s most famous drink


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