Irish fan steals the show after Lewis Capaldi invites him onstage to sing

Irish fan steals the show after Lewis Capaldi invites him onstage to sing

An Irish fan stole the show at Lewis Capaldi’s Dublin gig after he joined the star musician onstage and performed one of his biggest hits.

Capaldi has become a massive star in the past couple of years thanks to his moving ballads, soulful voice and his welcoming personality.

Irish fan steals the show after Lewis Capaldi invites him onstage to sing

During his 2019 concert at the Olympia Theatre, he invited a member of the crowd to join him onstage to sing his megahit Bruises.

Capaldi welcomed Sean McGrath up on the stage and jokingly asked him if he had a preference as to which key to perform the song in.

McGrath confidently replied he was fine with the original.

After a quick bit of fine tuning the vocal cords with the help of the piano, the pair were ready to rock.

Capaldi told Sean: “I’ll sing the first line and then it’s all yours man.”

Sean didn’t disappoint and performed the hit with plenty of assurance and stage presence, much to the delight of the crowd.

He revealed he was not stepping on to stage as a complete rookie and is actually in a band himself.

Sean said: “Nerves actually weren’t too much of a problem.

“I’m in a band called Stolen City, so that wasn’t really a problem for me, but, I have to say I was very worried that I’d mess up.

“Since Lewis has emerged, I’ve been a massive fan literally from day one when he released Bruises.

“When I walked on stage and saw the three tiers lit up I was in shock more so than anything but I was looked after really well by everyone and the butterflies still haven’t gone away.

“Lewis was really friendly. When the crowd screamed for me I basically went into shock.

“I panicked and I looked at Lewis and he goes, ‘Keep singing mate’.

“I turned back to the crowd and just embraced it.”

The performance has made Sean and internet star, with fans of Capaldi sharing the video across social media.

Take a look at the performance below. To find our more about Stolen City visit their Facebook page.

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