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Irish family show the pressures and fun of learning the Triangle Dance

Remember the Irish family that gave us a great laugh with their video of the Dad trying to get a bat out of their kitchen?

Well they are back with another great video of them trying to perform the ‘Triangle Dance’.

If you are not familiar with the Triangle Dance then this video is a great introduction for you, and it shows just how hard it can be to co-ordinate between three people.

Irish family show the pressures of learning the Triangle Dance

Son Tadhg is joined by his parents in the kitchen, and after an intro of gentle into of Irish dance they three form and triangle and link arms together.

The purpose is then for each of them to take their turn one by one to jump into the middle of the triangle and back out.

As the video shows this is easier said than done.

Tadgh and his Mam and Dad make numerous attempts to get the rhythm and the co-ordination right, with varying results.

However, the video ends with the family trio getting their timing and teamwork absolutely spot on as they perfectly execute the Triangle Dance for the camera.

If Tadhg and his parents look and sound a little familiar to you, then it is because this is not the first time they have had a family video go viral across the Irish media.

A hilarious video taken by Tadhg hit the headlines back in 2017 when a bat managed to find its way into the family’s kitchen.

Tadhg provided a hilarious commentary as he watched his Dad struggle to catch the bat with a towel.

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