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  1. Phylis Schuchman says:

    Looking for McDermotts-relative of Edward McDermott, sons– Jerry, Thomas and Patrick.

  2. Mary Green says:

    Kilbane from Achill Sound, Co. Mayo, also Masterson, McNulty, McGinty all of Achill Island

  3. Geraldine McReynolds says:

    Looking for any information on the family of Patrick Mcreynolds born ovil Dungiven. 1875 died 1871

  4. regina dillon says:

    looking for Bridget Sullivan born about 1845 in county leitrim. thank you

  5. Linda Fratello says:

    I have some Kilteely relatives, on my late father’s side. My great grandfather James Breen Murnane, born there in 1865. Also, Ryan’s, and Raffertys are our cousins. The Murnanes lived in New York.

  6. Christine Kane says:

    Looking for Kane possibly from Kerry Mary Keane came to U.S. Holyoke, MA.

  7. Annette Delaney says:

    Ellen Frawley born 1845 daughter of James maybe Killkenny.

  8. Linda Boggess says:

    Looking for Nelen. Spelled several different ways due to immigrating and poor spelling, I’ve seen it spelled, Neylon Nelan, O’neilan (O was dropped when they entered the states) and Kneeland. Pronounced “Neelan”,but, spelled Nelen since the late 1800’s.. Possibly from County Clare…with common names, of John, George, Michael, Patrick, Mary, Catherine, etc. in the mix. They settled in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and some slowly migrated to other New England areas.

  9. Penny Haynes says:

    I’m trying to get some imformation about my late mother Gladys Patterson and her ancestors . I really enjoy the Ireland -Calling page.

  10. Carol Berry says:

    I’m trying to learn about my grandfathers side of the family. He was born and raised in Tipperary Ireland his name was James Francis O’Hickey when he came to the states they dropped the O from the last name. I would like to know if I have living relatives in Ireland. If so, please contact me through my attached email. I would love to eventually talk to you via phone and hope to personally meet one day. Thanks.

  11. Pam Dragan says:

    Looking for anyone with the last name Holland. My great, great, great grandfather was Daniel Holland born in 1833. I think in Cork. He came to America in the 1860s. He married Bridget. Trying to find out more about his parents and siblings.

  12. stounner mckenna says:

    It would please me to the heavens if anyone knows of anything to do with the McKenna grandad Gavin Chittick married Margaret McKenna .moved from Ireland to Scotland.

  13. oliver henson says:

    looking for henson in offaly

  14. Margaret Murphy says:

    Looking for parents of John Murphy and Margaret Brennan who migrated from County Cork, Ireland in 1840.

  15. treasa makin says:

    looking for my great-grandfather James Weldon born 1865 in co louth married a mary ann duff in co meath 1890 5 kids later disappeared about 1897-8

  16. Carol McGuire says:

    Looking for my father’s family-grandfather McCarty grandmother Culter. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

  17. Connie Vanover says:

    Looking for family of Harrison Blankenship.

  18. RoseAnn Cooley says:

    I am looking for information on
    Lynch, Cooley and Harrington families

  19. Frances van der Wal says:

    Looking for informaion on the Sloane family form Southhampton – John Sloane – my great-great grandfather.

  20. Johanna Sabin says:

    I would like to find out any information about my Grandmother’s family on my Dad’s side. Mary Ann Ryan was my grandmother and she had at least one sibling , a brother called Edmund or Edward Ryan who survived the Totanic. Is ther any information on this family from Co Limerick or Co Tipperary? My grandmother married a John Bermingham of Kilteely Co Limerick. Did she have any other siblings?

  21. Karen Corrigan says:

    Looking for Corrigan and Cassidy

  22. Oliver says:

    Any reilly or Cassidy

  23. James Joseph Mannion says:

    Looking for my grandparents ancestors –
    Michael Manning/Lovina Sixon(Saxon)Manning,
    James Graham/Elizabeth Cleary Graham.
    Thank you.

  24. Patricia A. DeLorenzo says:

    I learned recently that our family surname DeLorenzo,or DeLorenzi, means of or from Lawrence, which is an Irish name. I’m trying to find out if our ancestors were originally Irish who married Italians way back in the earlier days. I have a suspicion they were.

  25. Janice Marlene Downes/Jones says:

    I’m looking for anyone who may be a relative of mine in Ireland. Father is Downs with the e dropped. Grandfather as well. Grandmother is a Mangrum. And the name Cape also pops up.

  26. Connie Stratz says:

    Looking for other relatives in Ireland.

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