FACTS speak to Irish people with different ethnic backgrounds

Irish people with different ethnic backgrounds explain why they feel Irish

YouTube channel FACTS spoke to several Irish people from different ethnic backgrounds to find out what they thought it meant to be Irish.
FACTS have created numerous videos asking Irish people their thoughts on various issues. They pointed out that they had been questioned about how ‘Irish’ some of the contributors were, specifically those with different skin colours.Irish people with different ethnic backgrounds explain why they feel Irish
FACTS decided to tackle the issue head on and asked the members of their team that had different ethnic backgrounds how they had found life growing up in Ireland.
One of them explained he moved to Ireland when he was just six, and his was the only black family in his town.
Another said that people would ask her where she is from, and when she replied Dublin, they would say: “No, where are you really from?”
The people were then asked: “What makes you Irish?”
One lady said: “I suppose we’re always up for the craic, and that’s just the go to answer I know but we always are, were really friendly and were happy to accept anyone as long as you’re up for having fun.”
Another Irish person said: “To me this is home, I haven’t been anywhere else since I moved from Nigeria, this is a long holiday, I’m on the longest holiday of my life.”
Take a look at the video for yourself.