Facebook reveal the biggest talking points in Ireland during 2017

Facebook reveal what Irish people have been talking about in 2017

Facebook have revealed what were the biggest talking points in Ireland throughout the last 12 months.
The social network giant’s 2017 Year in Review looks back at the both the topics that got most people talking and the events that were attended in the highest numbers.

Facebook compiled their list by reviewing which stories people had reacted to or talked about with their friends.
Facebook reveal what Irish people have been talking about in 2017
Here are Ireland’s most discussed topics on Facebook this year in no particular order:
• Manchester Arena Bombing
• Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather
• Storm Ophelia
• Death of Martin McGuinness
• U2 performing at Croke Park
• Death of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park
The most popular events that brought people together in Ireland (in no particular order):
6th Annual March for Choice
Ireland v Denmark
Boxed Off festival
Gonna jump down to Tesco for cans. Want anything?
Head of Facebook Ireland, Gareth Lambe said: “Every day, people turn to Facebook to connect with friends, family and the wider community to talk about important moments, support each other in times of crisis and get together.
“This year, the list reflects the breadth and diversity of subjects discussed on Facebook. Communities came together to support one another in times of crisis, for example, during Storm Ophelia and the Manchester Arena Bombing, while the March for Choice was an example of how people used Facebook to get together.
“People also came together to react and talk about big moments like the World Cup qualifier, the McGregor fight and U2 playing Croke Park.”
Facebook is also providing ‘Year in Review’ videos for each if its individual users, which will include photos or posts that they have uploaded or being tagged in over the past year.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling