Ever jumped from 5,000ft into Dublin? Now you don't have to…

Video of Black Knights jump from 5,000 feet in Dublin

Have you ever jumped 5,000 feet from a helicopter and parachuted into Dublin? Or is that a bit too much of a frightening thought to consider?

Well, luckily, now we can all experience the thrill of free-falling through the Irish skies before floating down in wonder at the incredible bird’s eye view of the capital.
We can do all this from the comfort of our own homes thanks to the Irish Defence Forces, who have created a video of the adrenaline fuelled adventure and posted it online.
Video of Black Knights jump from 5,000 feet in Dublin
Captain Ruairí McDermott and Corporal Colin Curran did the death defying stunt last August and the video has now been made available on YouTube.
The pair are more than comfortable up in the sky, as they are part of the Black Knights, the military parachute display team. McDermott and Curran recorded the thrilling experience, starting with the nervous moments sat at the edge of their open-doored Air Corps AW139 helicopter flying at 5,000 feet.
The video shows the men fearlessly leap from their helicopter and free-fall for a few seconds before opening their parachutes. The first man out even calmly checks his watch to see if he has been free-falling for long enough, and if it is time to pull his rip cord.
The men then expertly steer their parachutes down over Dublin, for a safe landing at the Cathal Brugha Barracks in Rathmines.

They certainly make it look easy, and that is no surprise given the training and skills they have acquired within the Irish military.
The Black Knights are the most successful parachute display team ever to have come out of Ireland. They have put on shows at countless venues across the country, and also had men parachute into major sporting events such the Special Olympics opening ceremony at Croke Park and rugby internationals at the Aviva Stadium.