Europe’s best rooftop bar isn’t in Ireland, but we did make the top 50

The Culpeper in London

Rooftop bars are iconic as they offer incredible views of the skylines of their surrounding city both in daylight and at night-time.

As well as their cool image and scenery, they are also likely to become more popular with guests given that they are out in the open air, particularly during the summer.

Top travel site Big Seven has compiled a list of the top 50 rooftop bars in Europe.

Their experts visited and reviewed countless luxury bars all across the continent and ranked them in order – what a dream job!

The Culpeper in London was the winner of the illustrious title of best rooftop bar in Europe.

Big Seven wrote: “This hugely popular bar has slick views of the city, with an herbalist and greenhouse vibe. The exact theme of the rooftop changes each summer; this year’s it’s kept things simple with a focus on English wine.”

Patchwork on the Spanish island of Ibiza placed in second, while Terrazza Borromini in Rome was named third best rooftop bars.

High storey watering holes in Ljubljana, Santorini, Bordeaux, Prague, Amsterdam, London (again) and Lisbon made up the rest of the top ten in the list.

You have to scroll down to number 33 in the rankings before Sophie’s in Dublin makes a claim for the Irish rooftop bar.

Sophie's Bar Dublin

Big Seven said of Sophie’s: “When the sunshine hits in Dublin, this is the place to make a beeline for. Sophie’s is a pretty rooftop bar and terrace in the Dean hotel, with zesty cocktails (try the Mad Ting, which is served in soda can). Once the sun goes down, things get toasty with blankets and heaters.”

Just three more places down the list in 36th is Belfast’s rooftop bar Babel.

Big Seven described it in their listing.

“Babel is a rooftop bar, garden and kitchen on top of the Bullitt Hotel, with panoramic city views across Belfast. Babel’s creative shrub cocktails use ingredients and garnishes inspired by its ‘living walls’, which are beautifully lush and contain over 300 plants. Watch bartenders pick fresh herbs straight from the walls to use in the drinks.”

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