Epic Ireland Centre celebrates Irish history and culture

Epic Ireland Centre in Dublin

Visitors to Dublin will soon be able to immerse themselves in Irish history, culture and pride at the brand new Epic Ireland Centre.
The centre features exciting and interactive exhibitions about the unique global journey of the Irish people throughout history, and the different circumstances they would have faced which made them leave home.Epic Ireland Centre in Dublin
It is an exciting new addition to Dublin’s already impressive list of tourist attractions.
It looks back at the most significant period of Irish emigration during the mid-1800s when millions who left to survive after the potato crop failure left much of the country starving and diseased.
The relationships between families would have been unbearably strained and difficult at times. Many will have only had enough money to send their children abroad in search of a better life, while they stayed and continued to struggle.
Several major figures from Irish history are featured in exhibitions, including Pirate Queen Anne Bonny, Billy the Kid and former US President Andrew Jackson.
The influence that Ireland has had on the world is also celebrated. With an estimated 100 million people claiming Irish heritage, the country’s traditions and culture have spread to all corners of the earth, and evolved over timer.
Epic Ireland was the idea of Northern Irish businessman Neville Isdell, who is a former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.
The centre will be open to the public from May, and those interested can book tickets as of next month. To find out more visit epicirelandchq.com/