Emotional video by heartbroken Co Mayo fan

Emotional video by heartbroken Co Mayo fan

Irish YouTuber Clisare has created an emotional video about the heartache of being a Co Mayo fan.
‘In Our Wildest Dreams’ is a parody of Taylor Swift’s smash hit but instead of being a song about love and lust, it is about the eternal hope that lives in the hearts of all sports fans.
Emotional video by heartbroken Co Mayo fan
The video features a spectacular vocal performance from Irish singer Luan Parle.
Clisare is a prolific YouTuber and has gained more than 50,000 subscribers who regularly view her weekly comedy videos.
This one though is a little more heartfelt.
Co Mayo were beaten by Dublin in the semi-final of the All Ireland Senior Football Championship last week.
That meant that for the 64th year in a row Mayo won’t be winning the championship. Since they last won it in 1951, they have been beaten in the final seven times, most recently in 2012 and 2013.
The pain is clearly too much for Clisare, so she decided to create this video to release some of that emotion.
It does contain a few comical lines, but the tone is more one of genuine frustration and despair as Co Mayo just fell short again.
The video is brought to life by the stunning voice of singer Luan Parle.
Although this song is specifically about Co Mayo and their quest for the All Ireland Senior title, it will strike a chord with sports fans from around the world who are repeatedly left heartbroken and frustrated by their side but still come back next year hoping that it could finally be their time.
Take a look at the video for yourself.