Emotional return as Irish emigrant introduces his parents to their first grandchild

Irish emigrant’s parents meet their first grandchild

An Irishman who spent a decade living in Australia had a big surprise for his parents when he came to visit, and created a heart-warming video in the process.

John O’Regan met his fiancé Claire while he was living in Australia. When they had their first child, Niall, 11 weeks ago, they decided it was a perfect time for a trip to Ireland.

John’s parents were very excited about meeting their first grandchild. A week before the family was due to land in Ireland John’s parents sat down to watch a slideshow of the first few months of Niall’s life.

Irish emigrant’s parents meet their first grandchild

However, they had arrived a week early and as John’s parents were watching the show he sneaked into the room and stood behind the couch ready to give them a huge surprise.

As the slideshow continued his parents realised something strange. Not all of the photos had been taken in Australia.

The ones towards the end of the slideshow seemed to show the family on a journey to Dublin – and then to Cork.

John’s brother Dave was filming the parent’s reactions as they watched the pictures skip by.

While they were engrossed in the slideshow John waited behind them and was joined by Claire and Niall as they prepared to give them an even better surprise.

Take a look at the video below.