Elderly Irish people remember the magic of Christmas when they were children

elderly Irish people speak about Christmas

A heart-warming video sees elderly people in Ireland speaking about some of their favourite childhood Christmas memories.

They also say what they like and dislike about modern Christmas.

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One of the biggest bugbears was the amount of time people spend on their technological devices. One woman said that the magic of Christmas had gone because people are playing on their phones too much rather than having a conversation.

elderly Irish people speak about Christmas

The participants were also regretful of the amount of money people spend at Christmas these days.

One woman said that the magic of Christmas had gone because people don’t believe in it any more.

Many said that when they were younger they had very little but still experienced a joy at Christmas that they remembered forever.

This included creating water slides on the road for children to slide down, heading to Dublin’s Phoenix Park to decorate the trees.

The video was made by the charity Friends of the Elderly Ireland along with Dublin-based video production company Taller Stories.

The participants were then asked what they would like for Christmas this year. Their answers were very emotional and will certainly pull on your heartstrings.

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling