Ed Sheeran’s Irish tour could boost economy by up to €50m

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Ed Sheeran’s tour of Ireland could be worth up to €50m for the Irish economy according to the promoter.

The A-Team star will perform nine gigs across Ireland from May 4th to May 19th.
Ed Sheeran’s Irish tour could boost economy by up to €50m

The 27-year-old singer is hugely popular in Ireland and has always spoken with pride about his Irish heritage.

His hit song Nancy Mulligan is his interpretation of the meeting between his grandparents in Ireland.

All nine of his concerts have sold out and promoter Peter Aiken says the boost to the Irish economy will be huge.

He said: “We has 20,000 people in Thomond Park for Elton John before and they estimated it was worth €10 million to the economy.

“So you can imagine what these concerts are worth.”

Thousands of fans will flock to the see Sheeran with his Irish tour beginning in Cork, then Galway, Belfast and finally Dublin.

Local restaurants, bars, hotels and shops should all see some an increase in sales as the feel-good factor amongst fans encourages them to treat themselves.

Speaking about Sheeran’s opening gig in Cork Aiken said: “What is clear is that it will make a huge difference to Cork. It will create a huge buzz.

“Cities just need more of these events to create that atmosphere.

“Even for people who aren’t attending, they feel the difference too.”

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Written by Andrew Moore