Ed Sheeran nearly quit the music business after becoming a father

Ed Sheeran nearly quit the music business after becoming a father

Fans of Ed Sheeran could have missed out on ever hearing his new album had he chosen to retire after the birth of his daughter.

The 30-year-old star admitted he thought at one stage he would ‘never sing or pick up a guitar again’ as he struggled with the best way to balance his future career and family life.

His latest hit Bad Habits has spent two months at number one and is the lead single from his new album =.

However, all that could never have been if Ed had chosen to give up the music business to stay home and raise his daughter.

His wife Cherry gave birth to their daughter in August 2020 and the responsibility of becoming a father made him consider his future.

The red-haired star spoke to GQ magazine about the time. He said: “I actually convinced myself I was never going to sing or pick up the guitar again. I was like, ‘No. This is it. I quit’.

“I asked, what’s more important for my daughter and my family? Is it being there 110 per cent of the time and not going to London for a day … or is it having a daughter that knows her mum and dad have a great work ethic and really love their jobs?”

He did take an 18-month break from music but revealed that it wasn’t working for him.

Sheeran continued: “I saw myself as technically being unemployed during that period of non-creation, and, to be honest, I was f**king miserable. I wanted Cherry to see me happy and thriving.”

He also revealed that he considers British grime artist Stormzy and US pop sensation Taylor Swift as two of his closest friends in the music industry.

The Shape of You singer has meanwhile been drawing attention for the extravagant Versace blazer he wore to the GQ Men of the Year awards in a very colourful.

He revealed that it had been approved by Ed’s showbiz friend and music legend Elton John. He told the Sun: “I actually feel pretty good in it and it’s a while since there were big events on, so here I am. I’d feel less comfortable in an ordinary suit. It’s easier being in this.

“Before I came tonight I FaceTimed Elton to show him the results. He’s been slagging off my boring wardrobe for years. I’m not really a fashion guy but I’ve had to start to show an interest – he loves it. Elton approved — it’s very him.”