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Easter Rising centenary events announced

The planned events to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising next year have been announced by Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

There will be numerous exhibits, performances, marches and several more activities that will take place throughout the whole of 2016, both in Ireland and abroad.Easter Rising centenary commemoration events announced

The Easter Rising was one of the biggest events in Irish history. During the midst of the First World War, a group of Irish republicans fought in Dublin for independence before being eventually defeated by the British Army.

Nationalists fought for Irish freedom

The event paved the way for further conflicts in the following years, nationalists fought for Irish freedom in the War of Independence and the Civil War.

The Irish government has committed a €22m fund to mark the anniversary with a series of events taking part under seven key strands; State Ceremonial; Historical Reflection; An Teanga Bheo/The Living Language; Youth and Imagination; Cultural Expression; Community Participation; Global and Diaspora.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “There are some moments in history when a seed is sown and the old order changes forever.

“Easter 1916 was a moment when Irish nationalism joined forces with a revolutionary cultural and language movement to forge an irresistible campaign towards self-determination.

“It is important that the Irish people have the opportunity to come together to celebrate and have pride in Ireland’s independence, and to honour those who gave their lives so that the dream of self-determination could become a reality”.

One of the key exhibits will be at the National Museum of Ireland, with archival materials from the Easter Rising will be displayed.

Schools will fly the Irish flag

March 15th 2016 will be made ‘Proclamation Day’ in Irish schools, with each one being sent an Irish national flag to fly and children been encouraged to write their own version of the proclamation based on the values they have today.

There will be a live television broadcast from several venues on Easter Monday, as the Rising will be marked by numerous performers in dance, drama and music.

The role of women during the Rising will also be recognised, and the families of the leaders will be invited to take part in ceremonies across the country.

There are also events planned around the world for people of Irish heritage to mark the centenary, with the Irish Embassies working with locals in various major cities including London and Washington.

For a full list of Easter Rising centenary events then visit www.ireland.ie

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  1. Sharon

    Please Enda,
    Stay away from 1916. FG, Labour and FF being involved is the biggest desecration to the memory of those men and women that I can think of. Between ye, the country is in a shambles, no national airline, water privatised, tried to sell our forests, mass wind turbines and electricity pylons planned to destroy our beautiful countryside, Bolands Mills sold off for who knows what purpose, Clerys gone, Buses to be privatised. My nephew and wife had a baby last week and baby Tom will be paying back a debt not of his making until he’s in his 50s. My advice to the government and FF is to go away, and stay away!

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