Eamon Kelly – master Irish storyteller

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9 Responses

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS..nobodys is visiting today..Haveing a little tea and grandmas special eggs..\

  2. good story for a cold morning HAVE A CUPPA TEA AND FEED THE FUR BABYS

  3. good stor

  4. James Hopman says:

    My Irish grandfather would have loved that story!

  5. Mary Charles says:

    I’ve read a book he wrote . Great fun

  6. Pat Dineen says:

    Once had a tape of his Christmas stories. Loved it. Would love to re find if possible

  7. eamonn kelly says:

    loved every story he ever told i am a mayo man & my father was from Tarbert Co Kerry

  8. William McGrath says:

    Sounds like a story my father ( rest his soul) would tell. I loved it!!

  9. Vincent says:

    Youst remember him on radio when i was young . He is very good

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