€4,000 left in a Dublin car park – would you take any of it?

Škoda buried under €4,000 in a Dublin car park

If €4,000 was just left unattended in a car park how long would you expect it to last before being ‘claimed’ by an opportunistic passer-by?
A new video from Škoda has put that to the test in a Dublin car park – although their experiment does have a bit of a twist.

Rather than leaving €4,000 in cash in a briefcase, the money was left in coins and used to bury an old Škoda car.
Škoda buried under €4,000 in a Dublin car park
The people of Dublin proved themselves to be extremely honest, most people refusing to take any of the coins.
However, over 100 people did help themselves to a bit of free cash.
The video shows people walking past the buried Škoda and taking a passing interest but mostly walking by without pocketing any of the cash.
Raymond Leddy, Head of Marketing at ŠKODA Ireland said: “We viewed this as a social experiment of sorts and had no idea how people would react to it when we plonked a scrap car into €4,000 of coins in a public car park.
“It turns out the people of Dublin are remarkably honest – it took a full hour before anyone was brave enough to pick up the coins and claim them as their own! Not only that, but a number of people said they would be donating the dosh to charity, so people are nicer than we give them credit for.”
However, before long the car was surrounded with people willing to take a little for themselves.
The video was part of Škoda’s latest advertising campaign to promote Škoda Ireland’s new scrappage deal which gives you €4,000 when you trade in your old car for a new Škoda model.
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling