Dublin’s first nudist B&B issues a useful new guide to help guests feel comfortable

naked man eating food

Dublin’s first ever ‘naturist friendly’ hotel has opened its doors and has issued a helpful list of do’s and don’ts to help guests feel comfortable.

The advice also lets men know what they should do if they become a little too excited.

The news comes as Hawk Cliff in Dalkey, Co Dublin is set to be named as Ireland’s first official nudist-friendly beach.

Pine Tree House is a period property in the heart of Dublin 8 and offers ‘an oasis of tranquillity, where you can kick off your shoes’.

Rooms at the B&B start at €55 a night and the hotel has the approval of the Irish Naturist Association, who have their members about the availability.

Guests at the Pine Tree must follow naturist etiquette and the hotel have provided a set of guidelines to make sure everyone enjoy their experience.

The rules state that: “Pine Tree is a ‘clothing optional’ establishment. This means you can wear clothing or be naked as you prefer.

“However, lingerie is not considered appropriate attire nor is walking around in your underwear.”

Guests need to keep eye contact when speaking with one another and remember that sexual activity in public is considered offensive.

The rules say: “If you want to show extra affection with someone you love, we suggest you get to your room or wait till you’re back home to do so.”

Guests also need to remember to bring their towel with them wherever they go and that it should be placed on a seat before they sit down.

The hotel had some advice for men who were worried about erections at an inappropriate moments.

It said: “Yes, they can happen — especially if you are new to nudism. Just cover it up with the towel.

“If you see someone with an obvious erection and is purposely drawing attention, let a host know.

“In most cases, the person will be kicked out and banned from coming back.”

Guests should remember that the current law states: “Public nudity is only deemed an offence when someone is intending to cause fear, distress or alarm, or engages in sexual activity.”

A breach of Pine Tree house’s guidelines could result in a booking cancelation with no refund.